The Dawn of a Brand New Ecosystem

Dear HubblePhone fans,

We will kick off the Crypto Pre-order Campaign for the HubblePhone K3-XR starting today (December 13th, 2018). HubblePhone is an ultra-premium mobile device with an advanced vision system and the perfect blending of four products - a revolutionary multi-screen smartphone, a 5G communication device, a professional grade camera with advanced image and HD video editing software, and a mobile gaming console - in a never-seen-before versatile handheld device.

The Crypto Pre-order Campaign will continue for twelve months.

Hubble Shop

The Hubble Shop will be a built-in digital store front on the HubblePhone. Users will have access to to purchase or download HubblePhone tailored Android app(s), In-app purchase(s), Native app(s) and other m-commerce purchasing opportunities. Hubble Shop will be the world’s first mobile app store front which will ONLY be accepting crypto currency as payment. Initially this will be powered by the BitHubble coin.

HubbleCard, HUBB and BitHubble

The only way to pre-order a HubblePhone K3-XR is to purchase a HubbleCard. Turing Space Industries (TSI) will have on offer HubbleCard(s) with three different face values each corresponding to a different model of the HubblePhone K3-XR. The HubbleCard Token, HUBB, is a new stablecoin derivative in which each outstanding token is backed by one USDT (see

The HubbleCard ensures that the customer will receive the special Accessory Packs in addition to the HubblePhone K3-XR.

TSI has also created a crypto coin designed to facilitate future payments and trades within the HubblePhone digital m-commerce ecosystem. This crypto coin is called BitHubble (symbol: BHUB). BHUB will be the primary crypto currency used in the Hubble Shop, HubblePhone's own application, service and m-commerce store front. 

Customers of the HubbleCard will be receiving BHUB coins in addition to the HUBB token. BHUB will free float at US$0.01 at the start of the Crypto Pre-order Campaign. BHUB will be hosted on TSI's AOX Parallel Chain at a later time. For additional information please follow this link: AO:X - Dawn of Decentralized Civilization


John purchased a HubbleCard with a face value of 2750 via Bitcoin (eg. 0.80 BTC at the time of purchase). TSI will transfer 2750 HUBB together with 275,000 BHUB to John's crypto currency wallet.

HubbleCard 1850 HUBB: HubblePhone K3-XR Copernicus

HubbleCard 2750 HUBB: HubblePhone K3-XR Cassini

HubbleCard 4250 HUBB: HubblePhone K3-XR Herschel

Preorder Process

Step 1 - input your personal details and then select the HubblePhone K3-XR models along with the number of units you desire to purchase, the page will automatically display the most up-to-date total pre-order price in HUBB.

Step 2 - input your crypto wallet addresses for both HUBB and BHUB.

Step 3 - the page will display the most current Bitcoin(BTC) price against USD, the grand total BTC (after conversion) payable will be shown. Simply transfer the displayed BTC amount to TSI's BTC wallet address specified on the page.

Once the transfer payment is completed, TSI will validate and confirm your pre-order and issue a physical HubbleCard to be delivered to the specified shipping address.

Lastly, TSI will transfer the HubbleCard face value HUBB and corresponding BHUB coins to your crypto currency wallet.

If you have not already signed up for a crypto currency wallet, TSI recommends using Bitpie.

Bitpie for iOS
Bitpie for Android

Shipment of HubblePhone

The approximate dates for shipment for each of the HubblePhone K3-XR models are as follows:

HubblePhone K3-XR Copernicus - December 2019

HubblePhone K3-XR Cassini - April 2020

HubblePhone K3-XR Herschel - July 2020

Before your HubblePhone is ready for shipment, you will receive an email notification on how to activate your HubbleCard and exchange it for your HubblePhone.

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HubblePhone Team - TSI

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