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Limitation of Use (Copyright and Trademarks)

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Disclaimer of liability

"Turing" assumes no responsibility regarding the accuracy, currency or usefulness of the information (collectively "Contents") provided by "HubblePhone Website". "Turing" does not take any responsibility for direct or indirect damage due to malfunction of software and hardware of your personal computer, peripheral equipment and network environment caused by your access to "HubblePhone Website", except when required by law.

"Turing" may change or cease website construction, "Terms", "urls" and "Contents" without notice.

Submission of Suggestions and Ideas

Your ideas and suggestions solicited by "HubblePhone Website" are handled according to respective regulations. "Turing" does not accept suggestions, including ideas through websites, e-mail or post forwarding, which do not conform to application. If you send "Turing" ideas through websites, e-mail or post forwarding, regardless of application, "Turing" assumes that you have sent them to "Turing" after accepting that, regarding those ideas,

"Turing" assumes no obligation regarding their confidentiality.
"Turing" assumes no obligation regarding their review, evaluation, or adoption.
"Turing" assumes no responsibility regarding payment for their value, nor any other responsibility to the person who sent those ideas or other third parties, even if "Turing" announces them or makes them public.
"Turing" can use them freely, and you would not have copyright or any other rights enforced against such use.

The Use of Access Logs, Cookies, and Web Beacons

For resolving server problems and for website administration, "Turing" sometimes utilizes the data recorded in the access logs of the "HubblePhone Website". There are also cases in which the website uses cookies and web beacons in order to display the optimal website, with the goal of increased convenience when you access the website multiple times; to statistically analyze and study page viewership; and to transmit advertisements.

You can deactivate the cookie function by changing the settings of the browser that you are using. However, please be aware that if you deactivate cookies, some services on the "HubblePhone Website" may no longer be available.

None of the data collected through these features contains any information that can identify an individual website visitor. "Turing" sometimes discloses the collected data to third parties entrusted to statistically study and analyze webpage viewership or transmit advertisements.

Links to Non-Turing Websites

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1. Revisions of Terms of Use

"Turing" may revise the "Terms" without notice. Please confirm the latest update of the "Terms", as they may be revised on "HubblePhone Website".

2. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

Use of "HubblePhone Website" and interpretation and application of these "Terms" are in compliance with the laws of Cayman Islands and laws of Hong Kong, except as otherwise provided. As for all disputes related to "HubblePhone Website", the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) shall be the exclusive dispute resolution service of first instance, except as otherwise provided.